Pekji Perfumes


Pekji was founded in 2018 by Omer Ipekci following years of underground existence, known only to friends and the most dedicated perfume lovers. The perfumes are the result of an artistic creative process and an artisanal production process. We are supported and encouraged by a likeminded audience who looks for substance before marketing and expects more from perfume.


I was born in Istanbul to a middle class family and I spent my childhood in wildly different environment and cultures. I carried cow dung on my back, swam in the azure Mediterranean, stayed in the arcade salons until 2 AM after ditching the high school dorm and I read Italian comics under a gas lamp. 

While I lost my sense of normalcy and belonging early on, I learned to appreciate things for what they are and as rich sources to draw inspiration from. Before perfumery, I worked as a graphic designer and an illustrator and I privately sought expression in many mediums since childhood. Perfume finally gave me the medium where I could hide the expression underneath the form and function. 

My perfume pallette is an eclectic and inclusive one that doesn’t exclude based on cost, naturality or rarity. Whatever fits the aesthetic and composition requirements is welcome so long as they sing. 

I believe that perfume has to connect with the wearer first, rather than being used as a signal to others. I believe that it is too beautiful and powerful to be stuck inside a shallow understanding of luxury. That there is more to perfume than seeking status and smelling acceptable. I believe that inspiration matters and the attention carries through to an audience that deserves respect. I believe perfume to be a portal, an object of fetish, a tool of personal ritual and a sensory treat. I founded PEKJI with these beliefs. 


The launch collection named “Re:Collection”(2018) had five fragrances, based on the theme of memory and identity. The perfumes in this collection are familiar genres through the filter of personal memory. The collection received high praise from critics and some of the most demanding perfume lovers. This collection is now on its second edition, renamed “Re:Re:Collection”.

The second collection, Reset (2021) has four fragrances, based on the themes of mindfulness, renewal and self reflection. In contrast with the previous collection, the perfumes are inspired by common but abstract human experiences instead of cultural and representational ones. The collection has a contemporary language and doesn’t reference existing perfume genres. 


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