ALDEHYDES, BLACK PEPPER, CORIANDER, IRIS, LEATHER, LICORICE, SMOKE                                 50Ml ℮ 1.6Fl. Oz. Extrait de Parfum


A sharp and saturated blue-green note over an earthy, inky ambience. Anisic and peppery aldehydes with contrasting notes of leather, iris and vetiver. Lack of heart notes between the bright opening and the stoic base creates a hollow, pulsating sensation.

Concept: The first phase of reset introduces mental consciousness inside an infinite dissociative space. 

Colors: White, Blue-Green, Iridescent, Black

Texture: Sharp, Blunt

Ambience: Wide open

Edition: 350


The iridescent paint is unique on every bottle and the hand printed text is sensitive to alcohol.
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Blacklight is the dark place inside, illuminated. Alone with my consciousness and devoid of the narratives about my self.

This is the crossroads between Untitled, DIS- collaboration and Reset collection.