CARNATION, GRAPE SKIN, IRIS, MOSS, MUSK, STRAWBERRY, STROBES, SWEAT, VINYL                     50 Ml ℮ 1.6Fl. Oz. Extrait de Parfum


A chaotic mixture of contrasting suggestions with sweet, salty, natural and synthetic notes under a purple haze. A crowded opening bordering on vulgar, transitions into a vulnerable skin scent. An aesthetic and conceptual counterpart to Blacklight.

Concept: The fourth phase of reset is the absurd gateway to and from the consensus reality.  

Colors: Purple, Blue, Red, Iridescent, Black

Texture: Sharp, Prickly, Blunt

Ambience: Augmented Reality

Edition: 350


The iridescent paint is unique on every bottle and the hand printed text is sensitive to alcohol.
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#vaporwave #dionysian #theiamania #absurd

These hashtags should help. If not, I don’t know what can. It’s the virtual reality dance club, it’s the creation of the myth, it’s the Babylonian explosion of language, it’s the party, it’s a clusterfuck of grapes or the tutorial room or something like that. It’s on the tip of my tongue. It’s Purpl.