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The first impressions I have received of the Reset collection has been wonderful and rewarding. For that I feel thankful. Releasing such a collection requires a certain kind of trust for the audience and I’m happy to see that it was well founded.

While reading the reviews I have seen a common confusion and I thought I’d clarify. There is a “recommended dosage for first use” for the Reset collection and some people are surprised by the suggested 15 sprays for Yes, Please. That amount isn’t the threshold for the scent to be perceptible, it’s a first use thing only.

While the opening notes of a fragrance isn’t the most important part in evaluating it, the first impression is an important and irreversible part in experiencing a perfume. As it is in everything else. For people who use perfume for themselves, curation of this first experience can be important. The following uses of the scent will always have something to do with that first impression. With scent, that has such close ties with memory and emotion this is even more important.

Sometimes too much is just right, and for experiencing Yes, Please I think that is the case. With 15 sprays, it ensures an overpowering sensation in the beginning, a physical reaction and makes more sense of the rest of the progression. Afterwards, you can wear or smell it however you see fit.

If you want to use your own methods of evaluation, by all means, do that.

It is merely a suggestion that you can say yes to, if you please.

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